The Project initiates with a setting of time and date, as well as a number of points or 360 images to be shot. It is recommended that the environments should be previously checked and organized, with properly maintenance made if necessary. One of our photographers will go to the determined place with specific equipment to capture 360 images. The environments are photographed in all angles from a fixed point, where you can even observe the floor and ceiling, which will give the feeling of being inside of it.

All the images that are captured by the photographer goes through a digital sewing process, where the group of separate images becomes a panoramic 360 image. Afterwards they go through a digital treatment, where light, contrast, sharpness, and color temperature are balanced. Any other imperfection of the scene can also be corrected if necessary.

The care with each visual detail and a professional interface, from a simple arrow to a menu or interactive map, undoubtedly will make your project unique. Based on materials previously provided by the customer such as: logo, hotsite, design and visual communication etc.., our team will develop a customized interface for intuitive navigation of each virtual tour.

When browsing the tour, you can easily find what you seek, all this in a simple and objective way. Based on the interface of each project, a programming that adds all these elements will be developed, making the navigation experience intuitive and enjoyable. Our expertise in programming and development allows to create not only a set of 360 photos, but a complete project for presenting your environments.

After the conclusion of all previous processes, the tour will be presented in a restricted area on our website where the customer can view it on any computer or mobile device. At this stage the customer can request changes if necessary. After approval, the material will be available to download with all instructions. Sférica gives all the technical support necessary for publishing the virtual tour on the client page.

The virtual tour is a flexible tool where it is possible to change, add or replace from simple elements to new 360 pictures, without changing the previously created content. In these situations, Sférica is ready to care for the needs of its clients.

MOBILE DEVICES All tours, without exception, can be accessed online from followed devices: iOS(iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) Android(from version 2.2 of Android with Flash Player installed, or from version 4.0 on HTML5-compatible browser). Windows Phone (from version 8.0 on HTML5-compatible browser). Blackberry (on WebGL-compatible devices).

The customer can also contract the service of additional photos in conventional high-resolution format for printing and digital use. These photos should be taken with special equipment and can be used in brochures, banners, website or even composing the image gallery inserted into the Virtual Tour.

It is also possible to add to the Virtual Tour an interactive gallery containing: photos, drawings, perspective, etc.. The purpose of this complement is to present additional material provided by the customer or still photos hired by Sférica.

The automatic tour is a way to present the 360 images in a determined natural path, without the necessity of the user interaction. This resource presents all the environments and, in the end, all the process is repeated.

After finishing the process of AUTO TOUR it is possible to convert it into a video format. In this case the user loses the interactivity, but the file can be displayed on TVs, DVDs, as well as on YouTube, according to customer preference.

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